Love/love/love accessories but hate to shop it/ so I made it myself// Itchy/itchy hands/couldn’t stop to make more and more// Shy oh shy/why don’t I share these joy to the world// ~Fli me Fro~Fli you Fro~Fli as a Fro~ [hint: read an eL as an aR, viceversa]

 Me, just found a kazillion love on making crafts, especialy jewelries.  Started when I was bored with the common brooches in the market which made me thirst of something special and unique. Then I’d try to make one,  and it happened to be cute (in my eyes) and no ordinary. ‘ve making it more, more, and more till I couldn’t help to wear these myself!!  Thus, I’m wishing to share the joy of  NO-ORDINARY-stuffs with you.

But, since I don’t catch any profit target, yet another limitation of my spare time doing this hobby, there are only limited products in ready stock. And not all of the products can be remake based on pre-order. Hope you guys  aware with this term.

At last, Njoy it!



One thought on “About

  1. is.ho says:

    hooooooo.. nice story, citz..

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