FELT in love

Bright colors// cute shape//and  soooft //Why wouldn’t you FELT in love..

    ~Sate (goldenrod)~
                                                 IDR 15000//felt//2.5 X 14 (cm)
    ~Thre3 (deepbluesky)
                                                   IDR 17000//felt, suede, beads//6.5 X 9.5(cm)
     ~3chain (crimson)~ 
                                                    IDR 17000//felt, chain//2.5 X 6.5 (cm)
     ~Lolita stories~
                                                                                     IDR 17000//felt//5 X 8.5 (cm) 

 FELT in love already? Order now!

p.s. Please let me know if you want the SOLD items to be remade by order.

FliFro Greets!

Yaiiiy, I’m welcoming you!! Hhmmm..’lil bit nervous, indeed, since this is my first beginning on online-store bussiness. Just a small scale, but hope you’ll heart it. And speaking of small scale, it will really be small, since I’m crafting only in my spare time. Well, the term of my spare time refers to the hours when my wifey mode off, when no projects wants me to be involved, when I have no plan in spending weekend, haha.. Gee, I call it, a half-heartedly online bussiness. But, i’ll take any order SERIOUSLY! *cross my heart*

Then… about my products. Actually, I have no particular style to define my products, these might be edgy, sometimes classy, simply, or once complicated as a crap. ^@^ I just let it Fli (read: Free) and Fro (read:Flow).

Eventually, hope you guys like my babies! You’re always welcomed for any comment, suggestion or question.