Flifro and Friends

Hi! ‘ve been no update for long time. ‘ve been busy making some orders, targetting a broader market, managing a better bussiness, putting more effort in wifey duty, hahahah..lot of excuses! but, don’t worry, Flifro still breathing and taking baby steps toward fashion online-market, yaiyy!

Lots of my customer are my colleagues and they love Flifro from the beginning, thank you! And here they are…

Yaiiiy! Happy to share Flifro’s friends, and hope you join us soon. Interested to look for Flifro stuffs which match your style?Well go hurry, find it, and send me the order, thanks!

p.s. coming soon, new edition of Flifro- the clue are gloindedark, beads, wire- wait up!

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7 thoughts on “Flifro and Friends

  1. Noph says:

    Auw auw auw i’m one of them… And i have one other brooch (classic ikebana!!!) produced by flifro (who’s the owner of that magic hands huh??? ~~). Eits, don’t forget for my other order sist. 2 weeks to go for my “special occasion” (pssst… Keep it plz ^^v)

  2. flifro says:

    @nov, yeah, u’re nominated as 1 of loyal customer of Flifro, heuheuheu..okayyyy..ur wish is my command, will be available soon

  3. […] 8, 2010 by Lo Check me out..!!! => Klik untuk berkunjung ke Lapak nya Mbak Citra, sekaligus ngeliatin foto orang-orang beken […]

  4. Lo says:

    Ayo mbak cit.. Maju terosssssssssss!!

  5. dewi says:

    Semangadh terus citz, makin keren design2nya 🙂

  6. flifro says:

    hihih..makasih y dew…

  7. is.ho says:

    hobi yang unik menarik asik 😉

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