Meet the Stripey family!


Two more items available       

          Stripeybutton SOLD (pre-order only)    

    Stripeybowey SOLD (Pre-Order ONLY)     

   Stripey Signature necklace SOLD 

Squarry white earring SOLD (pre-order only)  


I, myself,  got stunned with these Stripey family, what about you?
Go, go, go, limited stuff, grab it fast!
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6 thoughts on “Meet the Stripey family!

  1. flifro says:

    thanks…^_^ interested to order one?

  2. anti says:

    waow..u made em all by yourself?? super! sukses terus yaaa.. 🙂

  3. flifro says:

    hi anti, yes it’s surely handmade ^_^
    thanks for visiting flifro…

  4. pantriers says:

    salam kenal…
    kereeeen karyanya…

    ssemua ini handmade??? waw!

  5. flifro says:

    huehue..salam kenal juga. iyah handmade with warm love ^_^

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