FliFro Greets!

Yaiiiy, I’m welcoming you!! Hhmmm..’lil bit nervous, indeed, since this is my first beginning on online-store bussiness. Just a small scale, but hope you’ll heart it. And speaking of small scale, it will really be small, since I’m crafting only in my spare time. Well, the term of my spare time refers to the hours when my wifey mode off, when no projects wants me to be involved, when I have no plan in spending weekend, haha.. Gee, I call it, a half-heartedly online bussiness. But, i’ll take any order SERIOUSLY! *cross my heart*

Then… about my products. Actually, I have no particular style to define my products, these might be edgy, sometimes classy, simply, or once complicated as a crap. ^@^ I just let it Fli (read: Free) and Fro (read:Flow).

Eventually, hope you guys like my babies! You’re always welcomed for any comment, suggestion or question.




11 thoughts on “FliFro Greets!

  1. Ana says:

    Keep on spirit cit, sapa tau bisa world wide seller .

  2. upieks says:

    akhirnya ada situsnya juga…
    gue sukaaaaa karya-karya flifro…

    lucu2 dan BEDA!

  3. flifro says:

    @ana-upiek, makasi, makasi, kalian emang teman yg baek, hihihi..blom ada yg djual komennya uda bagus2, siip la!

  4. santi says:

    Bagus2, Cit…Buka butik di Delft gak? hahaha…
    Keep the spirit ya, moga2 bisa sukses dan mendunia seperti kata N’Ana, paling gak di Delft udah ada satu fans 🙂

  5. flifro says:

    makasih uni, whahhaha..klo mendunia, berat di shipping fee, ga imbang sm harga brosnya, hihihi..
    klo uni pulang la, pasti ada penawaran khusyuuuss, huehu..^_^


    Suka ama koleksi to the FLI and to the FRO-nya.
    Mauuuuuu…lutju2 abiess.

    Sukses bwat online shopnya yuaaa.

  7. flifro says:

    hehuehu..makasi neng putri putri melatri alribabraa…dipesan dung kalo emang mau, dtunggu yaaa…

  8. naive7 says:

    Deeply thanks Sist…..
    It’s bout your attended to the blog of Naive7 at http://naive7.wordpress.com.
    Also, your blog sooooo beautiful and interesting!
    If you want to share the blog more maturity, please check it out at
    Success to you…..

  9. flifro says:

    thank you naive7!! ^_^

  10. ami says:

    bahannya dari apa nih?

  11. flifro says:

    barang yg mana mi?
    kalo yg klo koleksi terbaru stripey itu dari kain velvet (sejenis bludru) aga tebel.

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